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Bonjour everybody. I'm Pusheen and i love food very much, blogging too <3

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thank you for all of your supports after all this year


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New Life, New World

\A dreamer i am/

Assalamualaikum everybody, how's your day? Alhamdulillah semuanya sihat.
Bercakap dengan diri sendiri pun boleh. Kan? :-)
So here I am, living a new life full of happiness with someone; someone who i admire, who i love.
With only just a smile on their faces would make my day even better.
Special whoever they are.

1/12/2012 - my life totally changed! this is a miracle
And miracle doesn't always happened. I'm one of the luckiest person ever.
Thank Allah for everything.
On that special date, I was taken by someone.

We started our relationship as a friend and end up as a lover.
Today's date is 11 April.
We've been lovebirds for almost 4 month 11 days now.
My first longest relationship ever.
Well, maybe some of you guys are having relationship for more than a year.
ByTheWay, congrats with your relationship.

Smiling, being happy.
I've been waiting for this time to come and here it is
I'm having fun with my friends, family and..... Love :-)
And of course! I won't forget you
I'm glad that you read this, I'm so thankful.

After all this year I've been blogging, today I get this feeling wonderful feeling.
Whoops, forgotten that I should continuing my homeworks.
GTG now peeps! Later I'll be back.
Goodbye for now.

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